Cut Gate

Mountain bikers seem to get most of the blame for trail erosion, but Ride Sheffield are keen to show that we want to act responsibly, so they’re leading the conversation on dealing with the “Bog of Doom” high up on Cut Gate in the Peak District.

Words by Dave Anderson, photos by Sim Mainey.

Cut Gate is an iconic ‘wild’ trail that laces its way across high moorland and blanket bog, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Approaching the problem of erosion with a sensitivity to the nature of the trail, and in collaboration with Keeper of the Peak and Peak District MTB, there’s a hope that localised repairs can stop the trail braiding and in some places excessive widening in order to solve the issues without ‘sanitising’ the experience of riding the trail. To pump prime the fundraising for repair work on Cut Gate, Magic Rock Brewery donated funds raised at their recent Bike Day as well as hosting a Q&A on why the work is necessary.

We were there to help illustrate just what makes this such a special trail.

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Thanks to Magic Rock Brewing, Ride Sheffield and Keeper of the Peak.

Magic Rock Brewing | Ride Sheffield | Keeper of the Peak

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